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Foods secretly ruining your teeth

Foods secretly ruining your teeth! Brushing, flossing, using mouthwash and having regular checkups with your dentist and hygienist are all vitally important for good teeth. However it’s important not to overlook the power of a good diet in dental health. Even though we all know things like fiz...
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drinking water improves dental health

Ways Drinking Water Improves Dental Health

Ways Drinking Water Improves Dental Health Your dental health is important as it not only affects the quality of your smile but also, your overall health. You may already take steps in protecting your dental health, such as brushing your teeth, flossing daily, and you may have regular dental check-...
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Teeth grinding in children

Teeth grinding in children “Tooth wear is often defined as the decrease or loss of tooth substance caused by abrasion, or erosion” The management of Dental hyposensitivity 2015   There are three main causes for tooth wear attrition, abrasion, and erosion. Some research has demonstrated that...
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