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Sedation Dentistry

Does the thought of your next dental visit make you break out in a cold sweat? You’re not alone. Learn all about sedation dentistry Warwick Lodge Dental and Implant Centre and how it can change your smile and life! So what if you’re afraid of the dentist?!  Can’t you just brush your teeth eve...
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10 Fun Dental Facts

10 Fun Dental Facts You Should Know We talk a lot on our blog about useful topics like tooth sensitivity, the correct brushing techniques and dental anxiety. We feel it’s important to educate our patients on these issues so that they can take the best possible care of their teeth in between visits...
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Dealing with missing teeth

If you are dealing with missing teeth, you’ll understand the many problems it can cause. Eating certain foods is almost impossible, and you just don’t like the way you look when you smile. Photos are out of the question! Fortunately, there are many excellent options available for replacing lost ...
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National zoo awareness day

Today is National zoo awareness and so we have 10 fun facts about animal teeth we bet you didn’t know. The zoo is a great place to learn and to take children during these summer holidays. Did you know that humans aren’t the only species with really interesting teeth? Every animal has its own den...
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Helping Nervous Patients

Helping Nervous Patients In Kent Dental anxiety is very common – but we can help! If you find that you are becoming increasingly anxious and nervous when your dental appointment is due, don’t worry you are most certainly not alone. Around half of the UK has similar feelings, with some experienci...
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Whitening the correct way

Whitening your teeth the correct way is extremely important. Everyone wants a whiter brighter smile, especially with the run-up to Christmas. Did you know that there are serious risks if you do not use a GDC registered dental professional? You should make sure your whitening treatment is performed u...
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Mental health and oral hygiene

Mental health and oral hygiene: It is safe to say that everybody mental health has taken a bashing over the last 9 months. With Covid-19. one way or the other at some point it has affected our wellbeing.  Fortunately, there has been an increase in awareness in society around mental health. The issu...
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A tooth friendly Halloween

A tooth friendly Halloween Is it possible? Scary movies, ghost walks, silly costumes,  just a few of the things that we associate with Halloween. For children, Halloween is about dressing up and asking us to fill their buckets with chocolate, sweets and snacks. However while the night may be fun f...
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Is an electric toothbrush better?

If it’s time to replace your toothbrush, don’t assume that everything with bristles does the same job! So is an electric toothbrush better? Many studies have taken place over the years on how electric brushes are better for your short and long-term oral health than manual brushing.  There are ...
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Say no to mail-order aligners.

Say no to mail order aligners!  Aligners such as Invisalign, are an amazing way to straighten your teeth and give you a smile that makes you feel confident, attractive and happy. In fact a recent study by Invisalign & PRN  found that we rate people with straight smiles significantly more posit...
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