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Free Colgate electric toothbrush

Free Electric Toothbrush!

Free Electric Toothbrush For New Patients Do you need a dentist? Well look no further because Warwick Lodge Dental and Implant Centre has you covered. Check out the amazing offer we have for all new patients booking a checkup during March or April 2018, we will give you free of charge, a new profess...
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Gum Disease Linked To Alzheimer’s

Gum Disease Linked To Alzheimer’s Yes, gum disease May Increase the Risk of Alzheimer’s – But Don’t Panic. Researchers say their findings offer new hope for a way of tackling the illness, for which there is no cure and no therefore effective treatments. People who had gum diseas...
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Remembering our fallen

Poppy Day

Remembering our Fallen In the days leading up to Remembrance Day you will see people on the TV and in the streets wearing a Poppy.This is a symbol to remember those who have lost their lives in conflicts around the world and those who have been killed as a result of terrorism. It represents the [&he...
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