Gum Disease Linked To Alzheimer’s


Gum Disease Linked To Alzheimer’s

Gum Disease Linked To Alzheimer'sYes, gum disease May Increase the Risk of Alzheimer’s – But Don’t Panic.

Researchers say their findings offer new hope for a way of tackling the illness, for which there is no cure and no therefore effective treatments.

People who had gum disease for more than 10 years were 70% more likely to develop Alzheimers found researchers.

In many studies the bacteria Porphyromonas gingivalis was found in the brain of those with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s thought to have crossed the blood brain barrier. This bacteria was also found with hallmark Alzheimer’s causing protein, amyloid. 

Other factors?

We know genetics and other conditions play a part in Alzheimer’s disease however this is an ongoing study and so far the findings of multiple studies across the world are strong to say there is a link.

“you should all think more seriously about optimising oral hygiene practices and dental care, with the added potential of perhaps protecting our brain health as well”

Dr Joseph Outlander

A joint World Health Organisation (WHO) and Alzheimer’s Disease International in 2012 stated that Alzheimer’s is “a global health priority”. The report stated that in that year there were 35.6 millions people worldwide living with Alzheimer’s. It then estimated the prevalence would increase threefold by 2050. This could therefore cause the world a massive burden. The increased research into Alzheimer’s continues. Therefore can the burden be reduced. 


What can I do to minimise my risk

Brush your teeth every day, twice a day at least and for 2 minutes, also rinse. Don’t forget to floss. Keep your dental Alzheimers reduceappointments. If you have not booked one… do so now (book here)

Ensure you eat a healthy diet. Fruit and vegetables. Ensure you are drinking your recommended water intake every day. Be physically active, Regular exercise is a good way to keep your brain physically active and reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Don’t smoke. Drink less alcohol.




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