Keeping your teeth healthy during lockdown

Keeping your teeth healthy during lockdown

Keeping your teeth healthy during lockdown

Keeping your teeth healthy during lockdown. Striving to maintain your normal daily routines during difficult times can be quite challenging. While that may be the case, you must still keep on doing them to retain good health, especially to reduce your risk of teeth problems.

The new coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19, has affected us and continues to do so worldwide. Establishments everywhere have paused services, major events have been cancelled. Scheduled hospital operations and routine appointments, including dental visits have also had to be to be postponed to prevent people from going out and possibly contracting COVID-19.

However, despite these measures, you must remember to take care of yourself and to maintain your personal hygiene habits including practicing and observing proper dental care. At such a time when your health is your number one defence, knowing how to practice good dental hygiene is more important than ever. Keeping yourself healthy includes caring for your teeth and gums too. This will in turn aid in preventing the need of an emergency dental appointment.

Why Is It Important to Maintain Good Dental Hygiene?

  • Prevention is Better Than Cure

By maintaining good dental hygiene you are not only helping yourself stay healthy in the present; you are also helping yourself in the long run.

In general, if you were to neglect caring for your dental health and brush your teeth inconsistently, it can lead to a variety of dental health problems.

Studies show that people with poor dental hygiene are more likely to develop severe oral health problems, such as halitosis, periodontal disease, and dental caries. This can cause other major problems in the body which are not teeth related. 

“When you have gum disease, the gums are effectively ulcerated inside, so they’re not forming a tight seal. Every time you eat or brush your teeth, it pushes bacteria into the body and triggers inflammation,” 

Francis Hughes, professor of periodontology at King’s College London.

If you make it a point to regularly practice good dental hygiene, you can prevent these types of oral health problems. After all, the goal of regularly practicing good dental hygiene is to reduce and prevent plaque and tartar that form on your teeth and gums.

How Can You Practice Good Dental Hygiene During the Outbreak?

  • Brush Your Teeth Regularly and Properly

Whether there is a worldwide pandemic or not, brushing and flossing your teeth is a must. You can use either an electric toothbrush or a manual one. Ask your dentist for the most suitable if you are unsure. You have to make sure to clean every single tooth, so do brush all surfaces of your teeth. This means brushing the outer and inner tooth surfaces and the chewing sides of your teeth.

You should not brush your teeth aggressively. While it is admirable to be enthusiastic over practicing good dental hygiene, your teeth might end up being damaged instead of being cleaned.

Also, do not forget to include your tongue. Plaque-causing bacteria can also accumulate on your tongue so brushing it helps to freshen your breath and minimise bacteria buildup.

Lastly, you must brush your teeth for at least two minutes, twice a day.


  • Don’t Forget to Floss Every Day

Apart from brushing your teeth, daily flossing is another habit you need to build. Through flossing, you can get rid of food particles and plaque that your toothbrush is unable to reach.

When you are flossing your teeth, you need to be gentle. You can damage your teeth and gums if you floss too hard. Remember to floss at least once a day to keep the plaque away.

  • Use Mouthwash

A mouthwash or a mouth rinse can prevent bad breath and help remove bacteria from your mouth. You need to time yourself when using one. You should gargle and swish the mouthwash in your mouth properly for about 30 seconds before spitting it out.

  • Be Considerate

If need to restock on dental products, please remember to be considerate of others as they need to Keep their teeth healthy during lockdown too. Do not purchase dental products in bulk. Take only as much as you need for the next few weeks in self-isolation. Avoid panic-buying and hoarding and set an example for other buyers. You are not the only person who needs these. Give others a chance to practice good dental hygiene, as well.

If you are feeling sick avoid going out to buy these products yourself. Have someone you trust, perhaps a family member or a neighbour, to do the shopping for you and leave it on your doorstep. Take advantage of grocery delivery services when possible.

With so many COVID-19 cases around the world, avoiding crowded places and staying home is the best way to nip the pandemic in the bud. We must all stay alert, but not anxious. Remember to continue practicing good dental hygiene, along with social distancing and taking care of yourself.

If you have any questions regarding your oral health, there is no need to worry. We at Warwick Lodge Dental and Implant Centre are here for you. While the services at our practice are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19 and our office is closed, our team are working from home. We can still provide you with information about your dental concerns through email at .  Please do not hesitate to call us at (01227) 375592 or 07410628382

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We are even providing smile makeover consultations via video calling to enable those who would like to change their teeth in any way. It’s a great time to begin planning your new smile makeover journey while you have the time during lockdown. If you would like to book your smile make over click here