Say no to mail-order aligners.

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Say no to mail order aligners! 

Aligners such as Invisalign, are an amazing way to straighten your teeth and give you a smile that makes you feel confident, attractive and happy. In fact a recent study by Invisalign & PRN  found that we rate people with straight smiles significantly more positively on a number of measures. We find them more attractive, more successful, more employable, and healthier. We are furthermore likely to trust and date someone with straight teeth! Meaning having crooked teeth can sound pretty tough!

Unfortunately, getting those straight pearly whites can sometimes be financially difficult. “Invisible” aligners which were once only available at the dentist have now become a popular trend. Unfortunately this has meant that “lower-cost” mail order aligners have been making their way onto the market via Social media and other marketing methods. 

Their selling point is the price, and no dentist visits. This is however dangerous. 

So how do they work? And what are the down sides? 

At home aligners do have a similar process to that in the dental practice. Moulds are taken (although this is done by yourself from home). 

The kit is then sent off and you get back aligners and your treatment plan and you monitor your progress yourself, that is where the at home aligners end. 

So what are the downsides to at home aligners? 

Well there are many. Although it may save you a little money and maybe a few dental visits there is no value on your teeth. Improper treatment can result in the loss of teeth and costly dental complications in the long term so before you rush off to buy that cheaper set of aligners please keep reading.

There is no consultation.

The mail order aligners lack the personal touch and the initial consultation from a GDC registered dentist. Though the at home aligners may have dentists on their team, they only see the impressions. They do not see any scans or X-rays to check the bone or teeth structure. Some people are not suitable for certain types of teeth straightening such as aligners. If this important consultation is missed out you may end up loosening teeth and loosing them!

You also won’t have any mid-treatment consultations to check the teeth are moving correctly and safely. There is follow-up appointment when your treatment is complete. All this meaning you’ll miss out on any support you might need during the process.

Inaccurate Fit

When you receive your aligners in the post you don’t get to try them on before treatment begins, meaning you risk wearing aligners that do not fit properly and cause pain and discomfort. Without a professional GDC registered dentist assessing the fit of the aligners they may not work properly. 

Your treatment plan is also not able to be adjusted. If your teeth start moving in unanticipated directions when using a dental clinic it is normal for the treatment to be moved and adapted to accommodate this. With the mail order aligners the treatment plan is set from the beginning and gives no space for error. 

They use outdated techniques

Having impressions made of your teeth can be messy and uncomfortable. Difficult to do at home also and it may not even work correctly.

At Warwick Lodge Dental and Implant Centre we use the top of the range technology which avoids the messy process of impressions and captures your teeth at every angle digitally. Its called the Itero scanner. This device results in 7x fewer fitting issues and 10x fewer rejections. This means you get your aligners faster and can be sure they will fit comfortably (something the mail-order companies can’t provide!).

It could cost you more in the end.

With any of the scenarios above you can end up with ineffective treatment. You can also end up with serious dental damage and permanently damage your teeth and gums through poorly-done alignment given by mail order companies. 

You in the long run will have to pay to correct the damage and have the aligners from the clinic, dental practices anyway. Which in the long run will mean a longer time to straighten and fix your teeth to get that perfect smile you wanted at the beginning. 

Teeth straightening is a healthcare procedure. It should be undertaken by a healthcare professional who can help you stay safe and informed. If money is a concern, this can be discussed during our FREE consultations as we have 0% finance available.

Cutting corners with your dental care can end up costing you a lot of money and a lot of pain. 


Warwick Lodge Dental and Implant Centre are a premier provider of Invisalign clear aligners. We provide FREE consultations so if you would like to talk to us about teeth straightening, message or call us today. 





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