Straight teeth are not just cosmetic

It is often misconceived that having your teeth straight and correctly aligned is just an cosmetic move. However we want to show you that teeth are more than tools used to break down our food.

Teeth, those small and yet marvellously placed pieces of bone (yes they are technically bone), have a much more beneficial job to our health than that. In addition straight teeth are even more beneficial to our physical and mental health. A prominent feature such as your smile, can also convey happiness. They enable the pronunciation of speech and they breakdown food. They are a marvellous part of our body. Teeth really are one of the miracles of our body.

So what is so special about having straight teeth? Well having straight teeth actually can have many health benefits that we may have not realised:


Straight teeth mean healthier gums.

When teeth are widely spaced or crowded, gums often become inflamed and red. These characteristics not


only look bad, they’re a sign of periodontal disease.  Straightening your teeth helps the gums fit more securely around the teeth, creating the strongest defence against periodontal problems


Crowded teeth are much more difficult to clean and floss, which can lead to plaque build up and eventually tooth decay & gum disease.



Straight teeth improves your self esteem and confidence.

smile with confidenceA bigger thought of your overall health is your mental health. Studies have shown that having a better-looking smile increases the amount you smile, which in turn leads to various health benefits, including lower stress and improved thinking and concentration.



Prevention of abnormal tooth wear.

Crowded teeth often cause one or more teeth to protrude, which then rubs agains your other teeth and over time, this leads to an inefficient chewing function and can cause undue wear to the tooth enamel.





Myths about crooked teeth…

Common myths around the cause of crooked teeth are that many believe they may be hereditary? A genetic flaw? Or just simple bad luck.

The fact is that crooked teeth CAN be hereditary however other factors that can cause your teeth to become crooked can be things such as:

  • Thumb sucking, or tongue thrusting. Anything that is applying a consistent pressure to your teeth can cause them to move and become crooked.
  • Missing teeth is also another factor. A gap created by a missing tooth allows all the other existing teeth to move into the space causing them to shift or rotate in the process.

Crooked teeth causes un-even biting pressure.

This can cause chewing problems, strain jaw muscles and lead to cracked and even broken teeth.

Wisdom teeth can also play their part in causing teeth to become crooked. They are for many years hidden under the gums until they suddenly want to show themselves. They then become the extra guests at the table that you haven’t allocated seats for!


When we get to a stage where we come to this we realise that the best course of action is for us to arrange our teeth in the straight line around our mouth like they should be. This has been done in many different ways over the years however technology has improved and we are at the height of it all.


As you can see, the benefits of having properly aligned teeth extend far beyond just a pretty smile. Think about it –  a smile can’t be perfect if it’s not healthy. 

Having a confident smile and reducing your risk of tooth decay and gum disease together

The benefits of having straight teeth will inevitably lead to healthier teeth and gums.



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