Supporting the community

Featured image donating PPE

In times of crisis, it’s easy to get yourself down and become wrapped up in negativity. Locally and nationally there is so much negative media coverage circulating every day. Whilst the month has been particularly challenging for the dental community it has also been difficult for the nation as a whole.

For us at Warwick Lodge Dental and Implant Centre it shone a light on our community and what they were still doing despite the pandemic. Although we couldn’t work due to the government guidelines, we were still doing our best to help our patients on the phones and online.

Altogether this just wasn’t enough. As a result we decided to donate and distribute some PPE, food and treats for staff of some local places of work. We chose those which were staying open during the pandemic. Elliott House Nursing Home in Beltinge Herne Bay. Heron Medical Practice, Herne Bay, and Apetito (meals on wheels) were the chosen 3. These places had stayed open, risking themselves for others during the pandemic. They deserved help and a staff treat box!

Elliott House Herne Bay

Elliott House Nursing Home in Herne Bay is a privately owned nursing home. They have been working through the COVID-19 pandemic to keep their residents safe. We therefore thought they definitely deserved one of our packages.



Heron Medical Practice Herne Bay

Heron Medical Practice is a Drs surgery. As a result they have been working through very difficult circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic has particularly changed their work. They were extremely happy when Rita and Archana delivered this package to them at one of their practices in Beltinge and Reculver.



Apetito Herne Bay

Apetito or as it is also known to many “meals on wheels” have also been working through the COVID-19 pandemic. Ensuring that their elderly members get their food. It really made a change for the staff to be the ones receiving treats for a change and behind the masks we could tell the giggling smiles. These were a happy bunch of workers!

To help keep your spirits up, we want to urge you all to do one random act of kindness this week. No matter how big or small, we can all make a difference.